About Etar

Etar (Arabic word mean frame) Media is a company that offers quality storytelling, striking visuals, and innovative design services that enable the
growth of your business. Etar Limited was founded in 2021 as a Media production company.

From the concept through production to delivery, we have undertaken many challenges projects in films, commercials, music videos, short films,
live events, and new media content. We cover all aspects of media from live-action production, and post-production (editorial, visual effects,
advertising, motion graphics).

Our approach is to hear your input and opinion, get you in touch directly with our team, forming a close relationship to give you strategic solutions,
focusing on end- product that will engage the target audience, driving new business for you.

Thanks to our team that combined of talents professionals who create new solutions aimed at informing, entertaining and thrilling the audience. Our
team of talented photographers, cinematographers, designers and writers serve all areas in Iraq and KRG.